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Your Chauffeur Dave Haunroth

Your Chauffeur Dave Haunroth

Karen and I both come from small blue collar towns south of Chicago. I would catch a ride with my friend for work across from her house where she often sat out with her dog. One day I mustered up the courage to ask her out, I walked up asked if she would like to go fishing at the local park, she replied no I don’t fish, and before all the rejection could set in I said how about I take you to the park with your dog and you can watch me fish. Thankfully she said yes, and we honeymooned camping in Wisconsin shortly after.

We spent the next 15 years with me working in construction and Karen did whatever she had an interest in such as retail, photography, office administration, medical billing, baker, and cake decorator. We would spend our weekends like most warrior’s, race out Friday night then back on Sundays. Lots and Lots of weekend BBQ’s with family and friends.

We’ve had our share of toys, from row boats to a 70 mph bass boat, 1975 4×4 Ford with a slide in, popup campers, fifth wheel, and many tents, our Harley with throw over bags that we could camp comfortably from for a weekend was our favorite and most often way to camp. As we grew up we came to the realization camping on the ground wasn’t as fun as it used to be.

In 2000 A friend and I rode our bikes up to Alaska, and the ladies flew up. As this was our trip of a life time we spent all the time needed and all the expense to make it so.

Our activities on that three month journey included: Flight seeing over Denali, the obligatory Denali bus ride, horse back ride in Talkeetna, the Moose Drop Festival, museums, riverboat ride on a sternwheeler, gold panning, ocean fishing, cowboy action shoot with the Alaska 49 ers.We took the Alaska marine highway back to Washington and on our way stopped at Juneau for a taste of some Alaskan Amber, then we stopped in Ketchikan to look at some totem poles. We saw moose, bears, eagles, beavers, fox, glaciers, mountains, sunrise, sunsets, and this wasn’t enough. We decided we needed to live here.

The following year we moved up to the Valley area of Alaska. We volunteered to be campground hosts at the Little Su PUF for the first summer to get situated. Karen landed a job with AK. State Parks. About mid summer Karen came out of the camper, pony tail stuck through her ball cap,  sun glasses on, chest waders on and holding her fishing pole. She then asked if I could watch the dog so she could go fishing with our new friends. Yep I thought of that first date in the park. Karen stands by her original statement she doesn’t fish… but she does like to catch.

Introducing Dave & Karen Haunroth

Dave and Karen

Since 2001 we have made Alaska our home. We have continued our love for the out doors, and have discovered an added weekend  past time traveling back country trails on ATV’s and with this came the need to up grade our tent or rely on the invites we received to stay in our friends motor home (hard to go back to a tent). We found a nice motor home close to family in the Midwest offered a free ride to Alaska up the Alcan Highway to any one that had a passport . To our surprise our mothers wanted to make the journey and did. They enjoyed themselves so much an idea was born, chauffeured RVing.

Come help us add another chapter to our story!

— Dave 

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