Why AFT?

Why have a Chauffeur?

Because you deserve the best possible trip you can afford we combine hotel, limousine and RV rental in one low price. We are the first and only RV rental with a chauffeur in Alaska. We offer a more intimate approach to seeing the state. Your carefree adventure begins when your chauffeur picks you up at the airport. The vacation of a lifetime is just waiting for you to choose your destination, what sights to see and how long to stay. Your chauffeur not only picks you up and drops you off, but he will also  set and break camp, ready the motor home for travel in the morning and for your rest at night. Your driver levels the RV puts out the slide and awning sets up chairs, table, grill, screen tent, and campfire. All while your relaxing after a long day of tourist activities.Let us know if there’s something else you need we will try to accommodate you.

Experience Alaska in a Chauffeured Luxurious motor home.

Alaska’s Fresh Tracks is the most unique luxurious carefree way to see Alaska. You can plan your trip from 4 days just to do a little fishing to 2 weeks or more to get better acquainted with the Alaska most people miss.


Never worry about the drive. Go ahead wear yourself out on the hike or bike ride there’s no fear of drowsy driving. While you’re out having adventures your chauffer is preparing for the next leg of your  journey. Contact us for more information about Chauffeured Alaska RV Rentals.

Don’t worry about driving, parking, leveling, hook ups or dump stations. Sit back, buckle up, sip that cocktail and enjoy the ride get distracted by the scenery. Why fall into someone’s rut? Traveling with Alaska’s Fresh Tracks allows you the freedom of a completely unique and spontaneous carefree adventure.

No worries about your privacy our chauffeur has his own accommodations. Once you have chosen your parking space he will get the motor home ready for the night, make camp and retire to his small lightweight trailer for his down time.

Each year approximately 1 million tourist spend thousands of dollars to see Alaska via cruise ship and shore trips are limited so they miss the up close and personal Alaskan experience. Land travel offers breathtaking mountain views (from the mountain top), endless wildlife viewing (get as close as you’re comfortable), beautiful waters (to swim or canoe in), magnificent glaciers (to walk on or sit near), and friendly locals.

Happy Travels,

The Alaska’s Fresh Tracks Adventure Team

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