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Planning your Alaska Adventure

Tell us a little about yourself and the things you’d like to do and see. We will help you wade through the masses of tourist info you will receive, as we have been most everywhere you can drive to. Fresh Tracks is not only in our name but also our motto Why get stuck in someone else’s rut create your own Fresh Tracks today.

Choose one of our pre-configured tours heading North or South from Anchorage International Airport, or create your own Custom tour here.

denali-hwy44Things to See and Do While Heading North

sewardThings to See and Do While Heading South

Your carefree adventure begins when your chauffeur picks you up at the airport day or night. The vacation of a lifetime is just waiting for you to chose your destination, what sights to see and how long to stay. Imagine the luxury of unpacking just once. Stay up all night (its the land of the midnight sun), sleep in when you need. Eat what you want when you want . Nap when your tired, or take a walk when want to see what’s over that next hill. The best part of traveling by motor home is everything you want is right where you are. The greatest perk of Alaska’s Fresh Tracks Chauffeured RV travel is the luxury and convenience of having a driver and someone to care for all the motor home needs.

The Choices Are All Yours

There is so much to do and see in this state 1 visit wont be enough. So whether its your first time in Alaska or you’re here for the trip of a life time Alaska’s Fresh Tracks is the service for you. Alaska’s Fresh Tracks takes limo service to a new level. We are the first and only RV rental with a chauffeur.

Create Your Custom Adventure

Complete our Custom Adventure Questionnaire to start planning your own, customized adventure through Alaska, the Last Frontier!

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