2016 Alaskan road trip!

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Sometimes you do have to be your own best customer!                                                                 Alaska’s Fresh Tracks summer of 2016, was booked with three clients that would have kept us busy the entire season. But all had canceled, and that had left us with only one thing to do, Road Trip! With a need to see…

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ATV Adventures! With Alaska’s Fresh Tracks.


March Madness in Alaska! How about March with zero snow and temperature’s in the upper forties. We are taking this great opportunity to get the machines ready! Come play with us! freshtracks@mtaonline.net www.alaskasfreshtracks.com

ATV Tours! Cat is out of the bag!

AFT People

We are Cat friendly! Alaska’s Fresh Tracks can now escort you to some of the valley’s most popular ATV trails! Booking a RV adventure with us? We now can offer sight seeing tours with some Arctic Cat ATV’s.  

Alaska’s ATV playground with Alaska’s Fresh Tracks

Jim Creek

Are you thinking of making your own fresh tracks this summer? We have the toy’s and we have the best playground in the world! You can make an ATV adventure just a part of your vacation or you might want to visit different local trails and make ATVing and camping…

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Drive to Byers Lake


Some call her Mount McKinley others Denali, I say the Great One! (Denali)   Bev’s week long trip to Byers Lake was just filled with beauty!

Byers Lake at its best!


With a near death experience not once but twice in a few short weeks Bev thought that she would like to go to her favorite lake in Alaska, Byers Lake! She made most of her plans from a hospital bed telling friends that she is going camping and sailing, come one!…

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Byers Lake Alaska!


I would have to say that I am feeling very proud at this moment. This is only our second year trying something very new in the tourism industry, chauffeured RV adventures. I hate to say rental because we are much more then an RV rental. Every trip we have been on…

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Seward Creative Camping!


Bill and Becky flew up from Chicago to visit  their daughter Amy and son-in-law Philip who has been stationed with the Army in Alaska for just a short time. They all agreed that they would like to do the Kenai Fjord National Park Tour out of Seward on the 4th of July weekend….

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Hassle free RV adventures!


Norm & Patsy Were coming up from Kenai looking for a RV rental as close to their Wasilla  Church conference as possible due to the fact they had know desire to drive a motorhome. They  were pleasantly surprised to find a full service company with a chauffeur.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Norm who worked…

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