Talkeetna Air Taxi flight seeing of Denali

Dave & Joanne,DSC01646

Have not had a vacation in fourteen years and Alaska was on their bucket list so they wanted to see what they could in only six days. After picking them up at the airport we took a nice ride down the Turnagain Arm and stopped for a burger before heading to Wasilla for the night. The next day we went to Jim Creek did some sightseeing on the ATV’s and had a nice meal over the fire. The following day they spent hiking Hatchers Pass. Dave wanted to catch a fish in Alaska so he tried the Little Su, I think he was only days early. Not wanting to give up fishing Dave tried Montana Creek before they headed to Talkeetna for a flightseeing trip with Talkeetna Air Taxi with a glacier landing. They did get a chance to just sit by a campfire reflect on the earlier days and start making plans for there trip back. The final day they spent getting a few souvenirs in Anchorage and then we drove to Potters Valley to find the moose Joanne so badly wanted to see. For my final trick I pulled a moose out of thin air just on the out skirts of the airport minutes before there departure!     DSC01591

Thanks Dave and Joanne. DSC01777DSC01777DSC01752DSC01741DSC01741DSC01654DSC01727DSC01704DSC01754DSC01756DSC01631DSC01760DSC01601DSC01624DSC01596DSC01615DSC01649

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