Seward Creative Camping!

Bill and Becky flew up from Chicago to visit  their daughter Amy and son-in-law Philip who has been stationed with the Army in Alaska for just a short time.
DSC02271They all agreed that they would like to do the Kenai Fjord National Park Tour out of Seward on the 4th of July weekend.
Without enough time to make campground reservations because of the famous Mount Marathon Race we left Eagle River knowing that this was going to be an off the cuff trip with creative camping. We left early enough that the ride was very enjoyable with little traffic and nice weather.  A quick drive by the beachfront campgrounds confirmed the madness, so we parked for the day. It was just a short wait in line for the boat and they were off and sailing.  All had a great adventure at sea, the sea life was abundant, a glacier calved, and the weather cooperated.


Ray’s was next,  all agreed at dinner they wanted to cap the night off with some fishing. Because everywhere was packed we ended up in the overflow camping, Creative Camping! Tide was out, fishing was too hard without hip boots but the conversation was great and the beer was cold.


DSC02287Day two was nice and relaxing with a hike to see Exit Glacier and the challenge to find Bill’s postcard campground with world class fishing. As we pulled into the sandy beach front campground, where there might have been fish Bill said oh hell no. I would say mud and the junk yard atmosphere did not look like a post card.


Philip with I-phone in hand and reading the fishing regulations suggested a stop on the south end of Kenai Lake,,,,campground full,,,, so onward we sailed. I think the next place was as close to the postcard as we could find. Camp was set up fast, fishing poles in hand in minutes. Becky has the best fishing attitude I have ever witnessed, “I know that its just a snag but I’m telling myself it’s a big fish”. Sorry to say no fish, but I know it was a nice spot because Bill said that I should make note’s for next time! Because of the terribly hot and dry year we could not have a safe campfire, but we did bring out the bbq grill for burgers and later the Mr. Buddy heater for a little warmth.




Day Three, Philip’s plate full the next day with new duty’s and his first day of college wanted to make the way back home but not without a few more try’s at some fish.
Summit Lake was just gorgeous. Hope only had “dry fishing” but a nice appearance by Ma and her calf. Portage was also a beautiful spot but was only ankle deep! We finished the drive, pulled out the grill one last time in the driveway and had a bbq. We were joined by one of the neighbors and her father, Dia & Barry my old friends from the House of Harley, small place Alaska.





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