New Toy Hauler!

The most asked question for Alaska’s Fresh Tracks is, “where does the driver stay”? We pull a small trailer behind the RV, which contains all the chauffeurs necessities. The trailer is also used to haul the extra gear and supplies that a regular RV rental retailer can’t offer, lets just say that you love to have your camp fires every night but don’t want to deal with little gas station bundles of fire wood, your covered we will stock the trailer with wood. Love to grill on the BBQ? With the trailer we can now haul a full size grill if you wish, ask any other RV rental if they can do this.DSC01058


We just upgraded the trailer, it’s a little larger, but we can now haul a full size motorcycle. Personally my best vacations by far, have been having someone else drive my RV while I rode my bike, until I could ride my Harley no more, then pull over to a warm room, hot food, and a comfy bed wherever I want to lay my head! My wife on the other hand doesn’t find driving the RV for vacation nearly as fun or relaxing.
Having problems with your bike, during your Alaskan dream vacation? Don’t miss out call us and we can pick you up at your location, load your bike, then you can continue on your vacation.97553_19

To answer the question the trailer is where your driver retires for the night.
The trailer comes with the RV Rental rates. This with the chauffeur, the exceptionally stocked motor home and great customer service, is why I truly believe that we are the best RV Rental that you could find.
Thanks your adventure team.
Dave & Karen



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