Mat-Su: Jim Creek

Jim Creek

Alaska weather is hard to figure out. You really need to multi-purpose your clothing. You need a collection of clothing that can be used in wet, cold, hot, or snowy extremes. Here’s a perfect example of why packing is important.

May 10, 2013 the Valley got another 10″ of snow on top of the snow that had already pushed our studded tire restriction up to May 15th. The sun is warm we’re getting 12 hours of daylight it seemed to me a little snow can’t keep us from taking out the ATV’s. We decide to go to Jim Creek and overnight. It’s a beautiful day but the wind is blowing right out of the glacier so it looks like May but feels like February.

No problem you just use more layers easy peasy. It was a great day for a ride, with picture perfect clear blue skies and endless vistas. We had a great time just had to be back before the sun set taking all the warmth with it. Back at the campfire we started swapping stories about the days events, places that were mud bogs were frozen and easy to pass, some were less froze and scary because when you broke though you never knew what winter had done beneath the ice. That’s how a Bronco we were watching ended up tipped on its side in Jim Creek.

The next weekend was Memorial Day weekend we are prepared for the cold, blowing glacial silt, and falling through the ice and getting wet. We were not however prepared for the record setting 80 degrees but knowing the importance of multi purposing your clothing. I used shorts from my pj’s and basked in the sun instead of warming myself by the fire.

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