Hidden Lake Alaska

With the motorhome all polished and stocked full with all the extra amenities like a canopy tent, screen tent and plenty of fire wood, I picked up Jim & Anne for their solstice weekend. They were very excited to head for Hidden Lake campground so we wasted no time, with only one stop on the way we still had to spend the first night in the overflow camp spot. There is a small island on the 4 1/2 mile long lake and that is where their grandson Donavon was earning merit badges with Boy Scout troop 141. The typical Alaska weather was really no problem, my favorite saying: there is no such thing as bad weather only bad gear! Jim and Anne put on a nice dinner for the troops parents, they ate well played a few games sat by the fire then took a boat ride to see the troop’s. They were able to enjoy the breathtaking view of Hidden lake and Engineer lake after a short hike up Burney’s trail. They later enjoyed the evening fire even with the rain, we just pulled the canopy tent closer.
Anne made breakfast and with her permanent smile said well back to reality.


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