Hassle free RV adventures!

Norm & Patsy Were coming up from Kenai looking for a RV rental as close to their Wasilla  Church conference as possible due to the fact they had know desire to drive a motorhome. They  were pleasantly surprised to find a full service company with a chauffeur.         DSC02263                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Norm who worked as a master pipe fitter and owner of a plumbing business never had time to take long vacations and always flew to save precious vacation time, knew the value of our service. The motorhome was at their desired location, parked leveled, refrigerator already cool, table and chairs out, bed made, snacks out, coffee at the ready! Even thou this was our first drop off only service we felt we needed to stay until morning to make sure they were 100% comfortable.

Sometimes I hate when I don’t take generous people up on their offers. I felt the moment I pulled in that I was truly welcomed to be there. Art asking about our business that he had just heard about before I was even parked, Wayne asking if I would like to stay for dinner and Norm gave me the grand tour of the conference facilities.
It was brought to Norms attention that they had a small plumbing leak and at 82 he turned to me and asked if I knew where a supply store was. I was very happy to help the only way I could, drive Norm to the supply store in his nice Buick!
Thanks Norm&Patsy  hope to see you soon.



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