Denali Park weekend with Alaska’s Fresh Tracks

Lisa was talking about a RV trip with her boy’s and discussing with Pam and Mary who could drive when she opened the paper and discovered Alaska’s Fresh Tracks and as they say the rest is history. The weather was overcast so we never did get to see Denali but neither the weather or the  least roomy parking space could stop this group from loving life. They had some nice pic-nic’s, made some challenging hikes, did some fishing, collected some rocks for the garden and played in the park.
DSC01568I had two great copilots, Pam and John, Thanks John for liking the music. Thanks Paul for reminding me that I am an Ol’man, Thanks Jeff for thinking I was Steve, thanks to the crew that did a lot of  hard work, thanks Kaylee & Cader for being so polite and cute. Thanks to Lisa who made it all happen.




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