Must See: Copper River


I opt to take the back way right off the bat, with Bald Mountain Ridge in view. I ride along coming to the tee if I make the right I end up at Hatchers Pass, think I better not, left it is.

Then onto the Glenn Highway just North of Palmer I make my way adjacent ¬†to the Matanuska River breathtaking view looking down, then riding right alongside at rivers level. One of my favorite views on the Glenn is from Sutton and about the next 50 miles. Driving through the Talkeetna Range is just awe inspiring. Did I mention I’m looking straight¬† ahead at the Wrangell Saint Elias National Park. Short ride south on the Richardson Highway to the Copper Center Lodge. The owners of the lodge let us camp behind the lodge that was just filled with history.(Later I found out that our camp spot was where they planned to build their retirement home.) Having coffee with Tom, the owner, he had asked how I slept, “I didn’t” I replied “someone kept slamming their car door”. Tom laughed and informed me that the noise was boulders moving down the Klutina River. The next night we slept better knowing the sounds we heard came from boulders being pushed down one of Alaska fastest rivers and not the slamming of party goers car doors en route to an epic party we had not been invited to.

Our condolence’s go out to the Huddlestons, the Copper Center Lodge was lost in a fire. We hope to make it back soon to see what’s new.

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