Byers Lake at its best!

With a near death experience not once but twice in a few short weeks Bev thought that she would like to go to her favorite lake in Alaska, Byers Lake! She made most of her plans from a hospital bed telling friends that she is going camping and sailing, come one! come all!
DSC02539DSC02571Byers Lake, gear.

Not able to drive  the 100 mile plus trip herself we met not far from her house to drive her truck with  dogs Frosty and Big Mac with her boat in tow. The drive was beautiful, not much traffic, construction was cooperative, and Denali was out!

I could not resist I stopped at Cubby’s that has a great meat department and purchased some baby back ribs for our first night at camp. Shortly after we set up camp, Bev’s friend Lynn arrived, set up her tent for her stay, and enjoyed some bbq ribs!                               Great first night!


DSC02568Lots of water fowl on Byers Lake.Byers Lake



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