Byers Lake Alaska!

I would have to say that I am feeling very proud at this moment. This is only our second year trying something very new in the tourism industry, chauffeured RV adventures. I hate to say rental because we are much more then an RV rental. Every trip we have been on I hear next year this is what we would like to do. Well Bev who took her friends from CA. on a trip to Seward last year is now on a mission to get as many of her church friends to join her at Byers Lake this year.









Even though this trip is still in the planning stage I am getting excited, as I know that the Girl Scout/Iditarod racer that is in Bev  will help turn out another great adventure!
This is going to be a true camping adventure as there is only going to be one camp site for seven days. I also know how much Bev like’s campfire cooking and conversation so I am sharpening my chain saw blades, checking bbq grill, packing a extra pop up canopy.


DSC02528DSC02525DSC02527DSC02524DSC02530With Byers Lake only 100 miles away, Karen and I loaded up the dog and took a road trip to make certain Bev’s adventure is going to be another for the remembrance book. We picked out the best camp sights, made certain that the boat launch would work for her drift boat and walked the dog trail. Can’t wait.

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