Allan Dodds Frank north to Alaska again!

DSC01796Allan Dodds Frank, an Alaskan journalist from the wild times of the pipeline days wanted to show off the beauty of Alaska to his wife Lilian and the twins Katy & Melissa and that he did!DSC01800 Alaska’s Fresh Tracks picked them up at Lands End Resort in Homer AK., after their visit to Juneau and Katmai National Preserver they were no holds barred adventurers!
After very bad weather delayed them at the Brooks Lodge in Katmai they opted not to miss out on the Fox Island dinner cruise which gave me more time to wax the RV. They stopped to sight see now and again, had a little champagne toast at The Russian River before stopping at Portage for the night. They visited the Begich Boggs Visitors Center, which brought back some old memory’s, visited the Alaska Conservation Center and that was great! Potters Marsh for some bird watching, Talkeetna for dinner and off to Cantwell RV park for the night. Allan’s Alaskan history is in pretty much every place mentioned in my posts ( and then some).
The Frank family then enjoyed the 90 mile plus ride to the Kantishna Lodge in Denali National Park where they spent two nights. The animal sightings were exhilarating just to hear about! I picked them up at the train depot at the Denali Park Visitors center and wasted no time getting back to Talkeetna for lunch and sampling of some Alaska berries in pie filling. Wal-Mikes is where I saw Allan And Melissa returning to the RV with some Alaskan treasures.
Palmer was closed,,, but we did get to see a large cabbage, a Husky or two and some of Palmers historical buildings. The Musk Ox farm was also closed but they did get to see them off in the distance. Then the beautiful Matanuska River scenic over look, like I was saying no holds barred!
They did some sightseeing throughout downtown Anchorage, picked up a rental car for their final day of visiting old friends from Anchorage before retiring for the night in the back lot of The House of Harley-Davidson (thanks).

I left this family moving their belongings from the motorhome to the rental car to finish their Alaskan adventure,,,,, gave Allan no kiss,,but a hug, as I did with the rest of his family, and thought to myself I really do hope our paths will cross once again.
Thank you Chicago Dave and Karen.DSC01796DSC01823DSC01815DSC01796DSC01808DSC01798DSC01810DSC01827DSC01800DSC01803DSC01821DSC01796DSC01805DSC01806DSC01832DSC01835DSC01833DSC01823DSC01772DSC01807

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