2016 Alaskan road trip!

Sometimes you do have to be your own best customer!                                                                DSC_0095 (1)
Alaska’s Fresh Tracks summer of 2016,
was booked with three clients that would have kept us busy the entire season.
But all had canceled, and that had left us with only one thing to do, Road Trip!

With a need to see family and friends back in the Chicago land area we where off and traveling.

Not wanting to be a bore, we had all kinds of weather good & bad, tons of wild life, things we have not seen before and things we wanted to see again. I did miss a turn and found myself in the middle of nowhere in some part of Canada, tried to spend the night in a gas station, but someone in the middle of the night attempted to rob it! We had found some nice places to stay, eat and drink. The best part was the visit with family and friends.

In short even if you do not want to fly to Alaska and be catered by Alaska’s Fresh Tracks, jump in your car, RV or motorcycle and experience the Alcan Highway!

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